Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Worst Case Scenario

Do you ever worry about things that might happen? Not things that ARE going to happen or even PROBABLY are going to happen.  But just things that MIGHT happen.

A possible action comes into your head and your brain starts analyzing the possible results.  It could turn out really good... or it could be mediocre.  Or, there's that outside chance that taking that action would result in some catastrophic thing.  As you think about it and think about it, that possible minute-chance catastrophe becomes your mind's only possible outcome. You chicken out.  And all because of what MIGHT happen.

The worst-case scenario becomes the reason for inaction.

Why do we focus on that? I'll concede that there is a time and a place and a practicality to maintaining a realistic view of possible outcomes in life, and we'll talk about that on another day.

But, there is so much more out there in life than the worst-case scenario.  So many more possibilities... and truthfully?  Most of them are more likely than the worst-cases that we spend SO MUCH TIME worrying about.

Do you think we could let that go?  Spend less time worrying about the bad things that COULD happen, and more time planning for the good things that are likely to happen?  Embrace life's grand possibilities?

"What if this happens?"

Yes...  but what if it doesn't?


  1. i know i have wasted a lot of time on this subject!

  2. Great post, Jo! Oh, the things we waste our time thinking about. I will be pondering this today- thanks!!!

  3. Oh I used to do this ALL THE TIME. Then something icky happens and you survive. ;) Nah, I still fight it. And my life hasn't been that icky. You would think I would learn.

  4. It's said that more time is wasted worrying about the things that never happen than the time spent on dealing with the things that DO happen

    (From your new cheese-hating best friend!)


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