Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday Tales: The Porch Swing

"Morning, Sleepyhead," the deep voice came from above me.  I opened my eyes and peered up from where my head rested in Kyle's lap.  He was my best friend. He had been ever since we were six years old and I pushed him down at the sandbox.

"Morning."  The porch swing creaked in the morning quiet.  "How did I get here and why didn't you wake me up?"

"When I got home after everything last night, you were curled up here." He brushed a hair away from my cheek and tucked it behind my ear. "But, you looked so peaceful and angelic, it seemed cruel to wake you."

"Angelic?" I wasn't sure if he was making fun of me or not.  Sometimes it was hard to tell, even with as well as I knew him. But Kyle just looked off across the fields. He was still dressed in the dress shirt he'd been wearing the night before, his tie undone and resting around his neck. "What happened after I...?" I struggled into a sitting position and leaned against him.

"Ran off? Not much.  I hit Alex."

I started. "You hit him?  You did not."  Kyle held out his hands so I could see the scrapes on his knuckles. "Oh.  Well, did you hit him hard?" 

He let his arm fall around my shoulder and his fingers rested against the skin of my arm. "He hurt you, Kat. Damn straight I hit him hard."

I grinned at that. "You always do have my back."

"Always will."

I sighed.  My mom was going to be out for blood if I didn't show up at the breakfast table. "I have to get back."

"I know."  He helped me up from the swing and walked me down the stairs, snagging a flower from his folks' prized garden. "For you. As bright as your own heart." Before I could blink, he turned and kissed me.

An alarm and a voice in my head started going off. "He's your best friend! Warning!  Do not pass Go!"  But, all the other voices were just as insistent.  "Kissing.  Now, that's nice.  Just stay right here and don't say a word."

It wasn't a passionate kiss.  Not the kind you see in movies where they're knocking things off the wall and breaking furniture. But it was so full of tenderness and I found myself wanting him to wrap me in his arms and not ever let go.

"Kyle," I whispered.

He smiled.  "Go on home. And no tears for Alex.  He so isn't worth it."

Walking across the fields back to my house, I stopped and watched Kyle put the porch back in order before his folks came out.  He waved, and I thought... "Well, maybe."

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  1. What a great friend she has and maybe, just maybe .....


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