Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I'm Glad I...

Just a list today, but I think I may find myself on expanding on some of these over the coming weeks.

Chose to forgive when my heart still hurt
Gave up housework for time with my kids
Waited patiently for a boy to grow up

Chose to be something different
Allowed myself to be silly

Sought forgiveness

Learned to believe in who I am and who I want to be
Learned to accept others for who they are

How about you?  What are some things that you're glad you did?


  1. i don't know why but your insightful post reminded me of something a very famous pastor once said, that has stayed with me---if someone criticizes you---stop and listen and think, is there any truth to this or is there anything good i can take away from what was said and if not--then forget about it :)

  2. I want to understand the "up" button. ;) And yes, lots of things similar and different to yours. I would expect nothing less than for you to expound on these in the weeks to come.

  3. I really like that! I'd add that I'm glad I learned taking risks isn't always scary :)

  4. Im glad I have a awesome writer super woman mommy :)

  5. In grad school, one of my professors (a nun) talked about learning how to cry with authority. I love that. Sometimes, I can't help to cry in my line of work. I always try to do it with authority and without embarrassment. This is a great list.


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