Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm Glad I... Hit the "Up" Button

...Hit the "Up" button...

This one is for Stacey, but she will shake her head when she realizes what it's about.  :)

On a cold evening in March, I sat on the couch with my husband, watching television.  Because he's a man, this mostly consisted of me sitting by him while he flipped through the channels, stopping just long enough for me to get interested before he skipped to the next one.  He quickly flipped over PBS without even bothering to stop...  who wants to watch another Lawrence Welk special?  But the screen was on just long enough for me to register these singing guys in coats.

"Wait, wait, go back," I asked him, and he did.

Now I'd like to stop right here and defend myself.  I did not ask him to go back because there were cute singing guys on the television.  In the split second I registered their existence, I THOUGHT they were another musical group I had seen briefly a couple days prior that had consisted of a family of singing people and I had kinda liked them.  However, when he turned the station back, I realized that this group of boy singers was not the group I had seen two days earlier... but they were cool.  And for some reason, they were singing with a child whose voice seemed totally incongruous with the childlikeness of his face.

Ok, this story is getting long... but this is basically how I was introduced to Celtic Thunder.  (Blame Joel.)  Actually yes.  Blame Joel.  Because I went to bed early... or something.  And I distinctly remember him telling me the next morning or day that he had recorded the rest of it for me, and I was definitely going to want to watch it because "the little kid" did a song in the second half that I was really going to enjoy.  Yes, let's blame Joel.

Long story short...

While engaged in the fan community of said show, it has not been all roses and autographs.  There has also been lots of cattiness and mean and crazy and hurt... because the fans are predominantly women, and we're all just a bit catty and mean and crazy and hurtful.  In those times that I've wanted to curl up and ward it all off, I've often thought "Why did I hit the 'up' button?  If I just hadn't hit the 'up' button, things would be so much easier."  And maybe that's true.

But, when I'm really honest, I wouldn't go back and change it.  I could go back and change it and not have been exposed to Celtic Thunder, and that would be okay.  It's a musical group.  There are lots of them.  But, I would have missed out on some pretty cool people.  Two of my best friends are people I met while being a fan, and are people that I expect to be part of my life for a very long time to come, musical group or not.  There are a handful more that I'm really glad I met, and that I'm really glad are a part of my life.  And it's for them that I say...

I'm really glad I hit the "Up" button.


  1. You are an amazing crazy awesome wonderful woman. I'm glad you got the experience you did with Celtic Thunder. And you make me laugh that you wrote this for me. :D

  2. I've heard of Celtic Thunder but never actually heard them sing. Guess I need to check them out.


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