Monday, June 4, 2012

A Humor Column That Wasn't

This is my half-completed editorial calendar for the month of June:

This is the entry for today:

This is probably not going to happen. I'm about as eager to find something funny to write about as I am to go frolic with a gaggle of bears.  I could do it, probably.  But it would be forced. (I mean, the writing about something funny.  Me frolicking with a gaggle of bears is NEVER going to happen, unless they are the sort that are stuffed with cotton.) An old friend has been hospitalized and I find I'm not so much in the mood for levity this morning.

So, instead I leave you with these simple thoughts:

Cherish what you've got.
Don't waste time worrying about what you don't.
Take nothing for granted.
Take a moment to savor each minute of happiness you are granted.
Smile. Laugh. Cry.
Feel deeply.
Listen when you are spoken to.  Before you answer, listen to what has been said.
Allow for change.  
Know that you change, too.


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