Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Desert and the Monster

September 2003

I'm lost. I can't find home if I ever had one. I feel like I've been on this journey for months and months with no end in sight. It's late, but I'm hungry. So hungry. Looking for something to eat, just a nibble, to hold me over until the next time my stomach's needs threaten to overtake me with wrenching pain. I come to a black strip of desert. How I hate these. There are evil creatures that frequent these deserts. Monsters that come upon you when you least expect it. Loud, obnoxious, life-stealing. Sometimes you could beat them at their own game. Escape them. But, I'd heard tales of how they could best you. Easily. I'd seen the devastation that they caused. Yes, I hate the deserts. And I hate the monsters more. But, they are everywhere and you have to trust your luck.

My eyes peer through the darkness, looking ahead, right and left. Checking behind me. But, for now, all I see is the dark and the lights beckon me forward. I take a breath and make a break for it. Oh please, let me make it! A quarter of the way. A third of the way. I'm almost halfway there. I can hear? feel? my heart beat in my head with a frantic tribal beat. Halfway there, oh, I'm HOMEFREE!!!!!

I take another step and my worst fears come to light. One of the creatures whips around a corner that I didn't see. He was probably lying in wait for me, just daring me to come out of hiding and brave his domain. What do I do? Oh what do I do? I never understood the panic, the confusion, the horror and terror that would rush over you at this moment when every step could be your last. When you are so frightened, you don't know which way is up or down or sideways. I don't even know what direction I WAS going, much less what direction I should go now! I spin around and make a dash back toward safety.

The wrong way. CRUNCH. There is darkness. Total darkness.

--written by the cat I accidentally ran over on Thursday

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  1. Oh my!! I feel for you and the poor cat, having lost a couple of pets that way myself. Hope you are feeling OK.


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