Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Be You

You want to know something?

The world can suck.  It can be filled with people who are nasty and jealous and mean-spirited and cruel. In general, I don't really think that most people are evil.  We're all just built a little selfish, and when we walk out that selfishness, it manifests itself in all of those things. They don't MEAN to be nasty, they just don't think about how what they're doing might affect others, or they justify it with other reasons.  But, when it's directed at you, it's hard to keep your head and tell yourself that it's just because of their hurts and their insecurities.  It's hard to not feel hurt.  It's hard to keep yourself from pulling the blanket over your head and hiding away from it.  It's hard, too, to not fight back with barbs grown out of your own hurts and selfishness.

But do you want to know something else?

It's not them you're fighting.  It's you.

Who cares if they think you're hard-hearted or too flighty?  Are you?  Answer the question honestly...  under it all, are you who they think you are?

What would happen if you threw off the cloak that you use to protect yourself and you made a decision to be fully and wonderfully you?  I'm not talking all sunshine and rainbows here, but what would happen if you chose to be you, unapologetically?  What would happen if you embraced every delightful quality that lies inside of you (and believe me, my friend, there are LEGIONS of them) and chose to live out each of those qualities without worrying about what "they" would say?

They can't stop you from being you. Only YOU can stop you from being you, and don't you dare let "them" be the reason that you hold back anymore.  You are wonderful, every last bit of you.  You have so much to offer. So much kindness and generosity, so much friendship and good humor, so much wisdom and love.

Be you and be you with great pride.  I would like to know you.


  1. What a beautiful post, Jo! Strangely (or not so strangely?) blogging has freed me from the cloak of invisibility I used to wear. I'm much more confident in being ME than I ever was before. I wish that sort of freedom and authenticity for everyone!

  2. It's what I'm working on.... Love you!

  3. I agree, sometimes people can be so hurtful even those closest to you. Just one word sent the wrong way can ruin my day and often there's no escaping it. It's a shame people dont aLways think before speaking or they do and purposely try to be hurtful. Either way it's lousy.

  4. This is a fantastic post. I think we all need to work on this all the time. I do hide now and again and have learned not to. You do need to be you and who cares what others think. Great inspiration. Thanks Jo!

  5. I love that thought about asking yourself honest questions. It is what I talk about with my daughter all the time. We can either believe the lies or we can ask the questions! Great post, Jo!