Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Barn For Lease


In the practically-middle-of-nowhere, halfway between Duvall and Carnation, WA (6500 and 1700 population, respectively), there is a Chevron station.  Sharing the parking lot of said Chevron station, there sits a large red barn with this sign atop its roof.

Not THE barn.
I want it.

The barn.

I want the barn.

I don't know why.

I have no need for a barn.

My largest livestock is a beagle who prefers sleeping under the covers of my bed.

I think, "That would be a cute place for an antique store... or a restaurant... or a hick dance club."

I'm sure it's a completely viable location for a thriving business, sitting there in the middle of nowhere. *cough*

But I want it.


  1. Funny - I was thinking that Joel was your largest livestock.....


  2. Totally cool!!...and yes Eric, I would think of Joel too lol..

  3. LOL You guys are terrible... Joel is not livestock! Is this perception because he seems like a fierce raging bull?


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