Wednesday, December 21, 2011

And a Night with Keith Harkin too??

This is going to be one of those blogs where my adjectives don't NEARLY do justice to what I mean.

When my LA-based friend and I decided to meet somewhere to see a Celtic Thunder concert this year, we settled on Dallas as the weekend show that worked the best with our schedules and would be the easiest money-wise.  Plane tickets are no longer cheap, my dears.  It was several weeks after we bought our tickets and planned our trip that we discovered Keith would be giving a solo show in downtown Dallas, following the CT show.  Score for us.  Tickets were quickly purchased.

Keith Harkin is good, guys.  I don't mean "oh yeah, that guy... he's pretty good."  No... I mean he's GOOD.  His guitar-playing is phenomenal.  His singing is gorgeous.  And he's a skilled songwriter.  HE. IS. GOOD.  The fact that he's pretty is just icing... and honestly, I think he looks kinda funny when he sings, so his pretty doesn't even matter.  He's just good.  Amazing amazingly good.

I can't remember now what all he played... my children have absconded with the notebook that had my show notes in it, so I'm working off of nothing but fading memories here.  All Day Long, Chasing Dreams(?), Lauren and I... someone requested Landslide, which he played, and it was gorgeous.  I really love that song a LOT LOT LOT, so I was delighted.  Lots of songs he's done from Celtic Thunder.  He dedicated Where Do You Go To My Lovely to Sharon, which teared me up.

He had three guitars there, all tuned the way he wanted them...  two of them (I think) got screwed up somehow, so he was left with just the one.  He seemed to be flying just a bit by the seat of his pants with that, but...  really, if he hadn't said so, I'm not sure I would have known.

Did I mention he's good?  He wouldn't even have to sing, I could watch him play for hours.

If you ever have the chance to see Keith Harkin in concert, DO IT.  I don't care if you hate Celtic Thunder.  I don't care if you think kilts are for sissies.  You can make fun of me all you want for my love of country music and Irish boybands (unless your name is Eric Anderson, and then you do not have said permission), but you will want to see Keith Harkin.  It's even worth sitting through the cougar screams.

I'm telling you.  Go.


  1. Love that song. I'm so glad you had such a good time!

  2. Oh yes! I forgot that part... the talkiness between songs was great!

  3. he can definitely tell stories... and he sings soooooo pretty. I am so glad you got to see him do his solo thing!


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