Sunday, November 20, 2011

Celtic Thunder Meets Football

I'm a Celtic Thunder fan.  We know this, right?  Celtic Thunder concerts can require a little creative balancing.  On the one hand, the people at concerts come from a lot of different background and come with varying expectations.  Those from what we often call "the PBS crowd" expect a more sedate audience-feel, as if you're at the opera or some similar theatrical experience.... where you sit politely in your seat through each song, and golf-clap at the end of each.  On the other end of the spectrum is where you're going to find a lot of mega-fans who have bought into the idea that it is the audience's responsibility to produce a good show (don't even get me going).  And then you'll get lots of audience at various points along the spectrum.

Most of us try to find some sort of balance between the two, somewhere between respecting those around us and having a really good time.

One area that I do not compromise is Ireland's Call.  It's an anthem that's sort of become Celtic Thunder's signature razzle dazzle "lets twirl our skirts... sorry, kilts" song.  I stand for Ireland's Call.  Not only do I stand for Ireland's Call, but I stand for Ireland's Call as soon as the music is clear enough for me to go "OH!  It's Ireland's Call!"  I do not care if the person behind me gets pissed off, and I will not budge.  Ireland's Call deserves standing. If you can't see, you're just going to have to stand up, too. I don't apologize... it's IRELAND'S CALL.

I've been yelled at for it, cussed at... I've heard of fans who have been more physically persuaded to sit down.  You learn to be hard-nosed.  Did I mention it's Ireland's Call, for pete's sake??

So, that brings us to football.

Tonight was a big game in Eugene...  my beloved Oregon Ducks played USC, and it was a big game.  USC is always a big game, and tonight's had some pretty good stakes to play for.  About 5 or so minutes into the game, our defense forced a 3-and-out and we settled into our offense being back on the field.

"Alright," said the slighty-older people behind us.  "You can sit down now."

My cousin and his friend, who are somewhere around 19 and more easily kicked around, dutifully sat down, even though they didn't want to.  My husband, who is not one to rock the boat, did, too.  Umm... I didn't want to.  BECAUSE OUR OFFENSE WAS ON THE FIELD!!!  So I didn't.

"Miss," came the voice that accompanied the tap on my shoulder.  "You have to sit down now."

"Umm, no... actually I don't.  You ARE aware this is Autzen, right??"  Autzen Stadium.  Home of the Oregon Ducks.  By claim and sometimes measurable proof, the loudest stadium in college football.  WE ARE PROUD OF THIS.  We consider ourselves personally responsible for 85% of the false starts committed in our stadium.  We cheer loud.  We jump up and down.  We yell "O!!!!!!!!!" for about 4 straight hours.  And if we wanted to sit down with a glass of wine and watch sedately, we'd freakin' do it from home!

"But I can't see when you're standing up," said the guy behind me... who was totally my age and should know better.

"Come on," I said.  "We're at Autzen!  There is no way I'm going to sit down this whole game."  and mentally added "Buddy, I'm a Celtic Thunder fan... no way you're going to be successful at kicking me around on this one. I've faced a lot worse than you."  Mentally, mind you.  Not sure the statement of my fandom of an Irish manband would have really garnered me a lot of points in the Tough department.

I turned back around and my husband asked, "You sure you want to take this on?"  I raised an eyebrow at him, and I'm pretty sure the thought "Do not tangle with the wife when she's PMSing and her dander is up" went through his mind.

Ok, so the rest of the game, I did make an effort to not stand up more than was necessary.  I certainly sat down a lot more than I wanted to!!

But, I stood up a lot, too.

Who knew the two groups of fans had so much in common?  :)


  1. OMG JO...this just became my favorite blog of all time from you...the mental picture I have in my head will never go away...EVER LOL..I laughed so hard, Im still coughing!...

  2. I can hear the whingeing.....and to add to the fact it isn't like you are 6' tall or anything.

  3. I knew I should have gone to give you the best backbone you ever had. I would have been standing right there with you, to hell with the people behind you........don't they know itis Autzen Stadium.............


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