Saturday, October 15, 2011

Retiring to Montana

On the way to Oregon yesterday, somehow the topic of retiring to Montana came up.  I don't know WHY Joel has this thing about retiring to Montana.  I'm not sure he's really even set on retiring there, I think he just likes bugging me about it.  :)  To be fair, after visiting Glacier this summer, I'm not as against Montana as a destination... I just don't like cold, so you can see my problem.

I finally admitted, "Ok... we can SUMMER in Montana. Would that make you happy?"

"Well... happy-ER.  What's wrong with Montana?"

"I don't like the cold."

"You don't like the cold HERE."

"But I have my fireplace, so I'm happy."

"We'll get you a fireplace in Montana."

"And I won't be able to leave my house!"

"I'm pretty sure they don't ground you in Montana."

"But it snows.  And I don't like to drive in the snow..."

"Why not?"

"Because I'll crash into things!"

"What?  You crash into things here!  I hardly see the difference."


Cheeky boy.


  1. there are worse places to retire to.

    consider the Bitterroot Valley. we have family friends who live there (and they are originally from CA). apparently, the climate is pretty temperate... :)

  2. I would love to retire up there somewhere...and I agree - the Bitteroot Valley would be a nice in-between. Gorgeous, not quite so far from civilization...aka Starbucks. :D

  3. I am surprised you didn't use the bear argument. I am with you though it is cold in the winter, and kind of brown and hot in the summer - I drove through at the end of a June once it was very brown and flat, after you cross over the divide. I want to retire to Arizona maybe.

  4. The Bitterroot valley is nice, but up by Glacier is waaaaayyyyy better.

    There are Starbucks in Kallispell and Whitefish, so they wouldn't be too far away. It would probably help if you got your Kuerig though....

    thevirtualrealityofstaci - if you don't like brown and hot, why on earth would you retire to Arizona?

  5. Would the idea of retiring there be more appealing if you would be able to be neighbors with Hallie and I?


  6. Does your sunny disposition melt the snow?

  7. lol The bear argument wouldn't have done me much good... we had a school lockdown a couple years ago due to a passing bear. He would have shot that argument down.

    Eric, I didn't hate Montana... and I think I would be happy living near a town of Kalispell's size. I'm sure you think I'm a wimp, and that is probably deserved, but the thought of living somewhere that it snows a LOT and is really cold doesn't fill me with glee. lol If Joel REALLY wants to retire there, I'm sure I would consider it when we get to that point in our lives... but it's a long way off. Ballmer hasn't been offering to promote Joel to VP yet, so I think we still have a ways to go.


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