Monday, October 31, 2011

My thoughts on the Celtic Thunder 2011 Voyage Tour...

What a fun weekend!  :)  I got to go with my best friend to the Celtic Thunder show in Canada on Saturday night... and because I'm one of "those" fans, I quickly drove back down to Seattle the next day to take my kids to see it again on Sunday night.  Better seats on Saturday... it's hard to complain about front row, dead center.  I had a really good time... REALLY good time. Maybe it was the show, maybe it was the company, maybe it was a few other things, but I had more fun at this CT show than I've had at one in a long time.

Thanks, boys.

Hard to review something that has so many songs and so many different components...

Group Songs:

They had some really great dynamic ensemble numbers this tour.

Dulaman was AWESOME.  I really liked it a ton...  I remember sitting there thinking with delight, as the solo jumped from guy to guy, and the harmonies reverberated through the arena... "The boys are back."  Good stuff.
Seven Drunken Nights,...erm, or five, was a crack-up.  More of this, please.
Galway Girl was great... it really was.  But my tour companion had whispered "Why are they all pretending to play instruments?" in my ear at the beginning of the song and I could not stop laughing every time the song launched into another instrumental section.
Danny Boy....  I don't know.  It was very different, I assume to accommodate the different vocal mixings.  I'm not sure how to say what I'm thinking.  I didn't NOT like it. I didn't really watch, mostly I sat with my eyes closed, listening to the harmonies... but there were enough parts that made my eye twitch just for a second, unresolved chords maybe?, that leave me just saying "I don't know."  Trying to be honest... which I've not always been when it comes to this.

George Donaldson Songs:

I have no complaints about George. George is awesome.  In fact, I come to concerts because of George.  Oh yes, you thought it was for someone else, didn't you?  Nope.  I pay a bazillion dollars to get the closest seats possible purely so I can flirt with George for two hours.  Cause it's fun. And rewarding. And I adore him. I enjoyed every song he sang...  Actually, every MOMENT he was on stage.  Cause he's awesome. Thank you for making me laugh all night, George.
Red Rose Cafe was fun and I love it when he's all goofy.... that's not meant in a bad way goofy.  He's just funny, and I enjoy him.
500 Miles is always lots of fun... when I saw it on the tourlist, I kinda momentarily thought "What, again? Really?" But... I always end up loving it when he does it.
And I really liked Cats in the Cradle.  I've always liked that song anyway, but I really enjoyed hearing his rendition of it.  Besides, it's fun to watch the guys play guitar...

Also, he remembered most of the words.

Ryan Kelly Songs:

Friends in Low Places?  Awesome.  I really liked it...  I wasn't sure if I was going to.  I really like country music, but Garth Brooks isn't my favorite, and this really isn't even one of my favorite Garth Brooks songs...  but I was curious how it would go.  I thought it was great!  It was fantastic to see Ryan out with his guitar for once (been dreaming of THAT one for awhile), he seemed to have a lot of fun with the song, and I enjoyed it a lot.  Made me smiley, so thumbs up.
Black is the Colour was also great...  I like that song, Ryan gets to be all snarly and throw his head around with great abandon, and it makes me laugh when my kids go "Mom... how does he DO that with the colors?"  He's magic, baby.
Ok, Desperado.  Really, this isn't anything to do with Ryan's performance itself... and I get the logistical reasons for Desperado, yadda.  But we've been doing this forever.  It's not personal, I'd feel the same way if Keith started singing "I Wanna Know What Love Is" for the 40 bazillionth time.  But I guess, for this reason, I just didn't care. Ryan sings it great, he performs it great. And I probably would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't been following CT for the past 3 years and had seen him do Desperado already a gazillion times and could do all the exact same facial expressions at the same time without even looking. But I checked out.  and I never thought I'd say that about a Ryan Kelly song.  Like... ever.  I think Ryan is really talented... maybe I just was thirsting for more than one new song.

Keith Harkin Songs:

By the way, I was expecting his pants to be WAY TIGHTER after all the hype...  not sure what all the fuss was over, he looked fine. Although the short vesty thing made me giggle a little...  Thank you, "Ice cream cone" lady.
All Day Long was great!  Fun and energetic, and Keith looked happy playing it. I like Keith so much more than I did in the beginning... lol  that sounds terrible. Keith sorta won me over when they filmed "Storm," and I've come to like him more and more ever since.
All Out of Love...  *deep sigh*  Ok, Keith, we need to talk.  I am open for bargaining here...  what is it you want?  I will provide it.  A million dollars?  An endless supply of pawnshop guitars?  A warehouse to house them all?  I'm your girl.  Just please.  Please please please stop singing 80s love ballads.  You're making me crazy.  Why does there have to be one in every freaking show?  My only consolation is it isn't Foreigner again. I have tried so hard to like them because you're Keith Harkin! And I think you're really good and sweet and I like you... but I come up empty every time. (Please note. I do not actually have the ability to provide you any of those things I offered.  unless you can fit all your guitars into the shed in my backyard. I'm just really desperate!!!)

Neil Byrne Songs:

I really like Neil... I think he seems like a really sweet guy, and I'm delighted for him to see him up front more.
I didn't really know what that Past the Point of Rescue song was... though I probably would have recognized it if I'd looked it up.  I don't know what I was expecting, in my head, but I was pleasantly surprised by what I heard.  About halfway in, I remember thinking "I really like this song..." possibly followed by "Neil is so cute."  Truth.
I liked She's Always a Woman, too and thought that Billy Joel was a really nice match for Neil's voice.

Emmet Cahill Songs:

OH MY GOSH.  We ARE keeping Emmet, right?  Because he's adorable and I loved him and I really think we should keep him.  Like, forever.
My Irish Molly was delightful.  I have to be honest, I was a little worried about Emmet a couple months ago.  Well, not worried exactly... I figured he'd loosen up. I'd seen YouTube videos of the PBS promos and QVC (admittedly, he was new and all), and he was just a little stiff.  But no more!  What a delight. This song was so fun! I want to see it a whole bunch more times!
And This is the Moment was wonderful, too!  I didn't breathe... I almost wanted to cry (but in a good way)...  Well done and beautiful and did I mention he's adorable?

The notes I wrote for Emmet's solos actually say:

We need to keep him.
We ARE keeping him, yes?
Did I mention we need to keep him?

Daniel Furlong Songs:

I thought You've Got a Friend in Me with Keith was really sweet... nicely played.
I don't know... what do you want me to say?  I'm a grownup, and I think he probably needs a couple years for his voice to mature a little before he blends well with the rest of the guys...  my daughter thinks he's really cute... "but not 'little kid' cute, Mom.  The OTHER kind of cute."  So she's got someone to crush on... Good enough for me.

I didn't miss anyone, did I?

All in all, great show... I loved it, had a fantastic time.  Thanks to all the guys making eyes at us in the front row. You make it worth stripping my grocery budget ever year to pay for those seats. See you all again soon!


  1. I so agree about George! And I so agree about Emmet! And I agree about Ryan (Desperado was never a favorite of mine, anyway).

    I actually enjoyed Danny Boy. And I don't much care for the song. But I thought Daniel's voice and the harmonies were fantastic!

    I love Neil. I'm going to Little Rock this weekend just because I decided I really *had* to hear him sing "Past the Point of Rescue" one more time. Really... that's the reason.

  2. I love the 80's ballads, Keith's voice is perfect for them. And I like that people who are seeing the show for the first time don't expect him to be singing songs like that, with such a powerful voice.

    Lol, yay for George knowing the words!

  3. I STILL think his pants are REALLY tight and I am looking at the poster now!

    Could your conflict with Danny Boy have anything to do with the fact that they sang verses rarely heard in the US?

  4. Nah, I don't think it had anything to do with that. lol I didn't even notice till the 2nd night that they WERE different verses.

  5. Another wonderful blog, truthful as usual. I loved the show more than the last couple of ones. My first impression of Emmet was "gee he's adorable, but he's not Paul", but that has changed since actually seeing/hearing him on stage. I also have gotten to love Keith much more than in the beginning. Can't wait until 2012!!!

  6. Hello!
    I hate to say this, but how old was your daughter when she started loving Daniel? I ask that because we are the same age, but one month apart! :)


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