Sunday, October 30, 2011

Celtic Thunder Weekend

On the offchance you're just meeting me and/or have been living under a rock for the past four years, Celtic Thunder is a favorite group of mine. The cast has been shaken up a bit, but last night was the first show of this tour that I'll be attending.

I'll be back on Monday or Tuesday with a review of sorts-- I have lots that I think I want to say-- but, in the meantime, a few of my CT favorites (of the ones that are currently online, anyway)

1.  Heartland.  For the first several tours, this has been their signature opening number.  The first time I saw Celtic Thunder on TV, Joel and I were watching TV.  Well, Joel was watching TV in signature man-fashion, and I was sitting next to him while we sampled 7.4 seconds of every channel on our television.  It flipped across PBS, a channel we honestly usually skip through quickly, and beautiful harmonies wrapped in smokin' black trenchcoats flipped across my screen.  "Wait, wait, go back..."  I actually thought they were a group I'd seen the week before and had wanted to get another look at them... It wasn't that group, but I was happy enough with what was on the screen. (It's better with the trenchcoats.)

2. That's a Woman.  Heartland caught my attention, but it was That's a Woman that caught my heart.  I just loved the theatricality of it.  The swooniness of Paul's character, the forbidden lure of Ryan's.  The girl leading them both around by the nose, in the middle of it.  This clip is from the Take Me Home DVD.  I LOVED the song line-up for the Paul/Ryan storyline in this show... and they'd also gotten a lot better at ramping some things up, so it's a lot of fun to watch. 

3. Ride On.  One of Ryan's signature songs from the first DVD.  Lawl, this song used to make me laugh.  The crouchy things got better, and amazingly, more frequent.  But they were a kick to watch. I always enjoyed observing how Ryan could amp up the crowd. Sorry, I wish the sound on these videos was better... doesn't do the boys justice at all. But I'll get sent to Celtic Thunder jail if I upload my own!

4. The Dutchman.  I've not always been much of a Keith girl.  For my own reasons, he made me a little crazy in the beginning, though I really liked Mountains of Mourne.  But, after I saw the filming for the Storm DVD, back in 2009, I began to have a much stronger appreciation for his talent and abilities.  He impressed me.  Since then, I've become more and more of a Keith-ish girl.  I always love it when he plays his guitar and sounds all lilt-y.

5. Home. This is one of Damian's... and it's probably the one I find myself singing over and over along with him the most.  He does a great job of infusing it with sweetness and poignancy.

6.  Finally, Caledonia.  I MISS this song.  It was the final song of the original show, one of my very favorites... and I really miss it.  I know everyone loves Ireland's Call and it's become CT's signature song.  But I would gladly trade Ireland's Call if it meant we could have Caledonia back.  In a heartbeat.


  1. I am with you, I miss Caledonia I always thought it was a better song than Ireland's Call.

  2. How could you ever pick favorites? Lol, I had a Celtic Thunder mid-week...still recovering from the late night drives. I miss Caledonia as well. Can't wait for your review.

    And as long as I'm here, Dr. Seuss books are still the best - lots to learn and laugh about.

  3. I miss Caladonia, also! I've loved Ireland's Call and standing/ doing the motions with the guys. But who can't love 5 (or 6) good-looking guys pointing at you and singing "Let me tell you that I love you". I think that was the moment I sunk into the CT mire of which there is no return.


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