Monday, August 1, 2011

You never know...

You just never know, do you?

What opportunities may come your way, what situations you might find yourself in.  What people will say, what people will do.  Both to you and for you.

You never know what blessings are set to fall at your feet, what trials you will have to slog through. You never know the lessons you will have to learn, and the lessons you will have to teach.

You never know where you will be asked to walk, and where you will be expected to fail.

This life is full of "you never know"s.  There are no guarantees, and so many things that you can't control.

Sometimes the best you can do is wake up each morning with a smile, crawl out of bed, and be ready to face this life, no matter what it has to throw at you.

Because you never know if today is the day you will be asked to be strong, or if today is the day you will be asked to defy expectations, or if today is the day you will be so glad you got up out of bed, or if today is the day you almost fall.  You never know.  But every day holds promise, a chance to prove yourself, a chance to become better, a chance to live fully.

So get up.  Smile. Be ready.


  1. Great post. This is actually something that I needed to hear right now. Thank you.

  2. Yes,Jo, Thank You!!....not sure if the help will last long, but needed this tonight LOTS!!...almost didn't read it, but glad I did...


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