Saturday, July 30, 2011


Roland Deschain, last Gunslinger of Gilead.

Steady, unwavering.  Skilled, of few words.

Susannah Holmes will say that he is a hard man to love. But I think I've always disagreed with her, though I've understood her heart.  I find Roland to be a hard man to like, but never a hard man to love.

He is a hard man sometimes... carrying out acts that would get him put to death in my world.  Yet I know that he doesn't commit them because he is a bad man.  He commits them because he isn't.  Because to accomplish a greater good, he has to do the hard things.  The hard things make me want to not like him, and sometimes I don't. But, Roland has taught me that you can love things and people you don't always like.  Love him, I do. And maybe it is doing the hard things when they must be done that makes Roland a great man, and one I have to respect.

Even when I want to close my eyes to the things I know he will choose... I love him.

Maybe it's just ka.  Maybe, in this way... I, too, am a part of the ka-tet, and I, too, get to participate in the adventure and the quest.

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  1. I love the Dark Tower series. The storyline may not be his best, but the characters are impossible not to fall in love with.


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