Saturday, July 2, 2011

Best Mom Ever

There is a game we play.... one carried over from my childhood that my parents played with me, and I think it's one that was carried over from my dad's childhood that HIS dad played with him.  It goes something like this:

We drive down the freeway or the road somewhere and Mom spots a sign for a Dairy Queen up ahead.  "Anybody want some ice cream?"

An energetic chorus of "ME ME ME ME ME ME ME!" emerges from the backseat...  and as we zoom on by, Mom says "Juuuuust checking." 

Terrible, isn't it?  But, by this point, the children get used to and they learn to even participate in the farce.  They make the "ME ME ME"s as energetic as possible, and the resulting groan just as dramatic.  I have a feeling that when my great-great-great-grandfather came across the country on the wagon train, his dad probably said "Anybody want to stop for Indian ice cream??  Juuuuust checking." 

But there is something to be said for spontaneity.

Last night, I needed to head out to Fred Meyer for one last thing to add to Joel's collection of birthday presents, and Alicia opted to come with me.  At the last second, I whipped into the Albertson's parking lot.

"Where are we going?  This isn't Freddy's," Alicia asked.

"You want some pie?" as I turned to drive by Shari's.

"YES!!!!!" she exclaimed, fully expecting the typical answer.  I turned into the little parking lot by the restaurant and began to park and she confusedly asked, "Wait... are you serious?"

"Dead serious.  Let's have some pie."


A piece of cherry pie, cups of coffee and hot cocoa later, we'd shared half an hour of Mom/Daughter time...  She asked me whether I liked my mom or my dad better, and I gave the signature response about loving people differently but the same amount... but then we talked about my parents' divorce and how I had a hard time dealing with that for a long time, and the way I viewed it as a child... barely held it together.  But it's Hormones Week, I get a pass. 

"Best mom ever" are nice words to hear... even if I had to bribe her with cherry pie to get them.  :)


  1. Oh I so remember that game. I remember being in one of their convertibles, top down, and dad pulling over to the side of the road, a girl walking by and saying, hey do you wanna meet my son! David about died...........
    And life goes on.....too funny! Again, thanks for the memories.

  2. You did not bribe her. You surprised her, big difference. :)


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