Tuesday, July 26, 2011

At the Water

I watched my feet as I made my way across the rocks to the water's edge. My toes curled around the damp stones as I fought for balance.

We had come here often.  We'd bring a blanket and snuggle up underneath that little overhang.  The grooves in the rock were just big enough and the wind had carved out a loveseat, like it was a place made just for the two of us.  The water was sometimes cool and calm, the wind just tickling the hair back from my ears. Some nights, we'd come for storms, and he would laugh as I held him just a little tighter when the lightning would flash.  But I think he liked feeling strong. I liked it, too.

But this time, it is alone that I have come to our place at the water.  It is alone that I have settled into our grooves in the rock. It is alone that I've wrapped a blanket around my shoulders and looked across the water at our views.

He is gone now, leaving me alone to do all the things we once did together.

When the lightning flashed, I wept.

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