Friday, April 29, 2011

Little things

I'm in the process of making a change.  A good change... or at least it will be.  I am very confident of that, and I feel right about making it.  It was a decision not come to easily, but a decision made all the same.  As I go about fulfilling it, I'm finding that it isn't the big decision that was hardest but all the little details that make carrying it out complete.  You don't realize how completely something has become a part of your life until you decide to remove it. There are so many areas of my heart and home that need raking over and redoing, and it's funny the things that are the hardest.  Not the big ones, but the little.

I sat in my car today, staring at the keys in my hand before I got out to grab that morning coffee.  There's something on the ring that has been there for many years, and it needs to come off.  I know this.  And still, there was a little voice in me that cried out, "Oh no.  Not yet.  Not this one." I confess I slid them back in my purse, with a promise to try again on another day.  I'll be stronger tomorrow.


  1. ((hugs)) Some changes are way harder than we think they will be. Praying for our heart.

  2. You're one of the strongest people I know. You will do it the second you are ready and it will be the best possible time for you. Not a second before or a second late but the perfect time when your heart is ready to heal and move on. <3


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